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Pulmonary fibrosis remains a little-known disease, a reality that has resulted in a lack of patient resources, innovation, and research funding. It’s time to change the landscape.

We’re seeking out problem solvers across the globe, fueling the science and technology that will change patient quality of life for the better.

To drive groundbreaking solutions, we need to find, foster, and fund the world’s most talented thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Our PF Challenge events are designed to engage innovators across the tech, healthcare, and research communities in developing transformative solutions for clinicians, patients and their families.

In collaboration with MATTER, Three Lakes Foundation is proud to sponsor the 2020 Pulmonary Fibrosis Innovation Challenge.  We are seeking solutions that will help to advance disease awareness, shorten the time to diagnosis, and improve care.   

This year’s Challenge participants will compete for more than $100K in prize money. In addition, finalists will participate in a structured, virtual workshop at MATTER, followed by an incubation period where they will receive guidance from relevant experts. The Challenge period culminates with our PF Innovation Forum and Pitch Day events. Please join us as we seek out the most innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges of living with this disease. Applications may be submitted between July 14 and September 11, 2020.

Using the insights gained from the PF Perspectives Project, the Challenge asks innovators: 

How can we improve disease awareness, time to diagnosis, and care to benefit people living with PF, their caregivers and healthcare providers?

Applicants are encouraged to submit solutions that address one or all of the following focus areas:

Solutions, engagement tools and technologies that help patients, caregivers and providers better understand and engage with their disease; improved inter-disciplinary communications

Time to Diagnosis
Data-enabled digital, medical or imaging tools that improve screening, detection and the accuracy of PF diagnosis; data analysis tools

Novel interventions and tools that enable both patients and caregivers to preserve patient health, well being and quality of life; Care coordination solutions between insurance, various providers and caregivers; New tools, technologies and solutions that will improve upon oxygen therapy that many people living with PF rely on today (Examples include product and canister innovation and improvements in battery life)



Three Lakes Foundation and MATTER conducted the PF Perspectives Project in June, 2020. Health care providers, patients, and caregivers were asked to guide and inform the innovators who will be entering the PF Innovation Challenge. Their important messages may also be used to advocate for change in the healthcare community in the future. Entries highlighted key problem areas and opportunities for improving the quality of life of PF patients and their families.  

Prizes were awarded to the five top submissions.  Also, selected participants may be invited to share their perspectives with innovators during the PF Innovation Challenge. 

Three Lakes Foundation donated $10 to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation for every entry to the PF Perspectives Project.  



In 2018, Three Lakes Foundation, in collaboration with MATTER, hosted an ambitious competition that received hundreds of applications and more than 80 final submissions from across the globe.

Innovators with bold new ideas in analytics, engagement, education, monitoring, and coordination competed to develop real, executable solutions to help address the many quality-of-life issues affecting patients living with pulmonary fibrosis. Each of the four winning teams received awards to further develop their leading-edge ideas.


Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS)

Their solution: Produce high-quality, portable oxygen safety and monitoring products that improve IPF patient health and caregiver performance.


Level Ex, Inc.

Their solution: Level Ex creates medical video games to educate physicians around the world. They are developing IPF cases in their pulmonology video game, Pulm Ex, to train doctors to successfully detect and treat the disease, improving clinical decision-making at the point of care.


Their solution: A breathalyzer that aims to speed up early PF detection by testing patient breath samples. The “Breath Biopsy” system accurately analyzes samples for the presence of trace chemicals related to disease activity.


Their solution: A platform for collection of real-world evidence, enabling patients to better understand how IPF affects them and helping researchers and clinicians develop greater understanding of the disease.